Yesterday I was watching Basil Rathbone in Holmes in Washington. At about 1 hour Holmes and the arch-enemy meet over a Spanish Chest. Or Moorish Chest.

Last night I fell asleep listening to a Poirot short story – The Mystery of the Spanish Chest.

OTHELLO solves Agatha’s mystery for Poirot.

This morning, Himself revealed that he’d been hauled up in front of his bosses for an accusation made against him by email. As in, he was faking his work hours and posting stock pictures from home.

OMG. He gave his bosses such a volley of truth.

My one thought was IAGO.

The witch who wrote the email got the goss from a nasty, cowardly, pitiable worker who hates us both. Though he smiles into our faces.

IAGO has taught me so much about human nature. And about my multiple bans.

Study him.

Even you hate Shakespeare. Please, study Iago. Male or Female – these Vipers spit their poison 24/7 with zero remorse.