I have been taught to appreciate – no matter how flawed or annoying or heart-breaking or soul-crunching – EVERY Single Thing I Have and I Am.

After two dead babies, I am now blessed with two tall, amazing, wonderful sons.

Next year will see 40 years with one man and one man alone.

My house is falling to pieces but we have a much loved home.

I have no car but I’ll be as fit as I was in my early 20’s when a half hour walk with bags of shopping was simples.

My very dark brown hair is greying but I have hair.

I’m banned from most of the YouTube “truth” community but they bore me to rigor mortis now.

I’ve spent nearly forty years listening to people laugh and scoff at the amount of books I own but I have a gorgeous book-lined room with everything I love in it.

I have just one blog follower but she’s a very interesting person :o)

I’m a blessed soul with a full life behind me and an even fuller life ahead. Even though, as a child, I knew I was walking a lonely, thorny path.