I’ve just outdone myself.

Jeebus – it’s years since I’ve made my own pastry but as we are now OFFICIALLY without a car and a half hour walk down then slightly longer (with heavy bags) up the hill wasn’t going to happen, I made PASTRY.

Flour, butter, salt, water. Tick. Got them.

Minced beef, carrots, onions, potatoes and an egg. Tick. Got them. Thanks, Mum.

Tally Ho!

The pastry is a dream. The filling is moreish. And we are feeling quite well fed.

We never lived in Cornwall but lived in Devon twice. Plymouth and Exmouth. Younger brother was born in Plymouth.

The Cornwall/Devon accent is quite similar and as my Dad still had his Native Scottish accent then, the combination of Southwest and Scottish made others ask if he was Canadian. Bizarre but true.

A Cornish Pasty. The most transportable, edible lunchbox for peasants.

P.S. I do the top crimp with a gap to let the steam out. It’s a Kinda Magic :o)