Upfront FACT : I’m a Globe Denier and NOT a Flat Earther.

If I truly believed all that crap about us being on a spinning ball hurtling through infinity and beyond then I’d give myself that good ol’ 9 mill pill and be done. Forgetting about all the flights I’ve taken over hundreds of miles of very FLAT desert and ocean and suchlike.

Strange new bandwagon to jump on.

The biggest was “Tartaria.”

Now it’s all about Physicists and Astrophysicists. Porquoi?

Maybe because Owen Benjamin has such a huge reach and he’s been rattling the Twitty – Twitter world with this stuff for the past few weeks.

Yay. Let’s all grab a bit of THAT glory shining off the Big Bear.

I watch BB every day on UATV so I KNOW his latest news and views.

Are the False Prophet and the Phoenician clutching at stardust?

And as an extra treat – my youngest is going to one of his closest mates wedding next week. The groom-to-be is marrying a gorgeous girl (whom I know) with peacock green and blue hair and they’ve arranged the whole day to take place in a garden, no dress code, a quite gothic wedding cake and Mexican style buffet.

My boy has his suit all ready. He’s arriving as an inflatable T-Rex. God’s Honest Truth.

I blame his Mother.

Cue the music :o)