Dog Eat Dog was my reply.

He wasn’t due home for another 3 or 4 hours. But – as he and his work partner drove into the yard to pick up the job stats, two others drove out saying…”Our Job Now.”

Neither of them have done out of hours work before but they want it now. Four hours. Double Time.

Poor little Rog is spitting feathers at losing the extra money,but, as Himself said, we are all desperate now.

Most have to find half, if not three quarters, more of their average income today just to survive this shit. Interest rates going up again. Food prices, petrol, rent, mortgage, fuel, utilities UP.

We even have to pay money to put air and water in our cars now.

And this coronation of Charlie and Carmilla is costing Us, the people, the taxpayers, the proletariat peasants, useless eaters ….



Tax the poor to keep the rich, much?

My boys had what they call a BEIGE meal today. Frozen food from Heron.

This is our local Heron (Cheap Frozen Food) Shop.

Once upon a time this exact site had this house.

“Ours is not to reason why, Ours is but to do or die”


Dog Eat Dog