I’ve uncovered the old Bose and my two iPod (classics) and set them up in the library.

This has caused the reverberating cry of : Bloody Hell, Mother !

So many times in years gone by have these two machines and the music (max vol) been a source of contention.

I’m still stunned at how many books and how much music this little (ancient) piece of moveable technology can hold.

It would go on whenever we had guests staying. The guests and the music and the volume were always synced.

Restful, quaint peeps had the murmur of Eddi Reader.

In-Laws had Abba on a sliding volume.

Me, Myself and I have anything from Edith Piaf to Oasis to T-Rex to Kate Bush to Thin Lizzy to Nina Simone to Punk at any damn volume I like.

Today I’m doing Oasis. Not quite max vol but Definitely Maybe :o)