Despite all the damage done over recent years by my YouTube haters, this Hidden History stuff of mine is back on track and thriving.


Because a few days ago, out of the blue, I was contacted by a much admired member of the New Chronology Team.

The upshot being the latest from Mr Marfull – a researcher whose work I’ve shared here many times over the years.


It’s a long piece that has led me down interesting paths already with just the introductions.

This will make no sense to anyone who doesn’t know the work of Fomenko and Nosovskij. Or even those who read a couple of paragraphs and think they can comment on Chronology’s manipulation.

The image below blew me away when I read it. Making me time travel forwards 1,000 from the 9th/10th century to a certain date in September 2001. Something to do with the numbers 11 and 9, methinks.

How is this for a Great Big History Eff Up???