Support from the early days. Tippies. Interaction.

Under 100 subs back then, now he has almost 7,000. That’s not the issue. Good luck. I’m pleased for him.

The issue is the move from truly unique and quirky to panderer of his viewers.

I bailed when the Nicola Bulley videos started. Not a single true, qualified criminologist/psychologist/policeperson/profiler/body language expert has even touched this case. And they won’t until there has been an inquest and trial by a judge and jury.

As opposed to Trial by YouTube.

This latest has confirmed my stepping away. Ironic that I found it after my most recent posts. I was just checking that he was OK.

Anyways. My stupid for caring.

This is disgusting. In my opinion.

To this day, the murder, rape, disappearance of “indigenous” women is still on the not-very-important list of investigators. They don’t care.