The detective in me is utterly fascinated by Deviant Burials. It’s the deep need to know WHY?

Why bury a real human being in such ways?

The most prevalent answer to this question is always about Vampires. Or Revenants.

But telling me that men and women and children were buried with a stone in their mouths to stop them from chewing out of their shroud and coffin…that’s just Ridiculous. In my opinion.

Why cut the heads off and place them between the legs?

Why bury them all crouched and uncomfortable?

NEVER – in years of research – have I come across such a brilliant (whether true or not) discussion of this phenomenon than in the video below.

Jeebs, it’s made me think hard for a long time :o)

Was the word Shaman only introduced into Western culture in quite recent times?

Were Shaman feared and revered so fully by their community that they had to be buried in isolation and deviance?

Is being a Shaman the worst thing to happen to a human being?

The subject of Shaman is slightly less evocative and titillating than that of Vampires. No blood and death and sex, per se.

I’m completely open to being hood-winked by popular culture. We all are at various times.

But this is something totally…intriguing.

P.S. Good on the fellow for giving this lecture in English when it’s not his native language.