God’s Honest TRUTH – I’ve just caught the latest Neil video and my mouth gaped!


I know Neil is an archaeologist of mainstream and an historian of mainstream but I have loved his work for many years. And his new awakened vibe is fabulous.

The unattractive mouth gape?

The beginning of this new video talks about subjects that I have covered here and HERE since 2018.

Andronicus I Comnenus and his severed right arm. The Bloodied Handprint of Mohammed in the Hagia Sophia. The Native American Red Hand Print. The Red Hand of Ulster. The Mysterious Severed Hand floating in a Renaissance painting of the Crucifixion. Egypt. Hyksos. Islam. Christianity. Deviant Burials etc

The old proverb – Don’t Bite Off The Hand That Feeds You – comes to my mind.

But what do I know?