Getting angry at these Neo-AltHistorians has done me no good whatsoever.

Lesson learned (?!)

The fishy Phoenicians stupidity is in the top three personal ranty-fests of mine.

FFS. The links are there for all to see. Teaching something that is even more fake than what has already been taught does NOT constitute TRUTH. Fact!

Just because y’all think the world is flat, this doesn’t make y’all automatic HISTORIANS.

Oh. I’m getting angry again. I’d apologise but ….. can’t be bothered :o)

OK. Merovech. The strands that lead from this one mythically ‘real’ person encompass all the work I’ve done on my blogs these past 5 years. It’s stunningly simple to see but bloody hard to explain.

Let’s start with a story.

Are y’all sitting comfortably?

Then we’ll begin.

Merovech and his dual DNA. The original Man from Atlantis. Half-man. Half-fish.

P.S. Yes. Really. And this is nowhere near as stupid as what’s being taught via Alternate Truthers today.

In my opinion.

P.P.S. History is much more complicated than just putting an I or a J in front of a date. Oh. Said that before. About a hundred times.