What connects Merovech and Napoleon Bonaparte?

Oh. Clue’s in the title.

In July last year I was on my 4th year of figuring out Napoleon.

Like a Dog With a Bone

In that post I asked the question :


Yup. That’s me. since 2019 I’ve been trying to figure Napoleon out.

As in – WTF did he know?

From my decades of N.C. research I have begun to understand the importance of “Egypt” and “Russia” and “Rome.”

Nappy was a major force in Egypt (the First Rome), he wanted to take Constantinople (the Second Rome) but he targeted Moscow (the third Rome)


What was he fighting for?

He went into Egypt just a few years after the defeat of the last Tartar Khan (Pugachev) WHY?


What did Bonaparte use as his symbol of divine right to rule as Emperor?

There are over 1,400 years difference between these two men.