The pipes, the pipes are calling,

From glen to glen and down the mountainside…

I caught a few minutes of Owen Benjamin yesterday. Ha! Gotcha – I always felt that you had a Highlander’s soul, young man. No one fights so long and so hard and so well without this fearless need for Freedom :o)


I’ve never made a secret of my ancestry. My forefathers and mothers. Those Bravehearts who fought to live in freedom even when we were hunted like animals and forbidden to own our name.

I’m still a Child of the Mist. Outlawed and banned and with a price on my head. Even the much loved Sir Walter Scott (Oh what a tangled web etc) thought us worthy enough of his pen and ink and skills at writing.

My mission has always been to break this curse and keep from being hanged, drawn, quartered, burned or beheaded.

‘S’not been easy, I’ll confess. When every kindness is taken and misused.

But every few generations you get a throw-back. I’m that one.

My grandparents, father, uncle, brothers and those before them but after Sir Samuel Greig all failed to even try.

Even our music was banned.

How’s that for a Hidden History of a REAL LIFE history?