What IS it with us and stray cats?

Yes. There are a hundred thousand safe places in the garden for a stray to hide out. Millions of birds and rabbits and meeces.

And a catflap.

We have stray number 2 now. A Male Cat with attitude. An actual factual Cat Burglar.

Maud – the OG stray – has made this place her own and she will NOT tolerate another freeloader.

The mystery of the Easter Sunday Lamb bone on the kitchen floor, totally meatless, has now been solved because Mr Black&White went slightly too far the other night.

He got in, climbed the stairs and entered youngest boy’s bedroom. OMG. The kid is Maud’s surrogate mother and shadow and she took this blatant intrusion badly.

Very loud catfight on the landing.

But he won’t give in, bless him. He’s now sunbathing on the patio right outside Maudie’s favourite viewing point. The back of the sofa in the midday sun.