Norma Stitz ?

Think about it, yeah.

I may be channelling the mad, bad, dangerous to know Spike Milligan. Or Ronnie. Or The Ripper.

Peter Cushion?

Vincent Prance?

Never mind. Go back to sleep.

Welcome to 1976 – the year of heatwave, rail strikes, rubbish collection strikes, electricity strikes, milk strikes, and the re-invention of Jackie the Ripper. She just ran around blowing raspberries at everyone and everything.

This Jackie still does it now. Tut – so little respect has she. But it’s a great way to stop a random ranter ranting at you randomly like I had the other day in the carpark :o)

P.S. Said it many times before but I met the little one (Ronnie Corbett) in Edinburgh the night my brothers and I went there to watch the annual Edinburgh Tattoo and missed the last train back to Kinghorn.