It’s taken a month and some but my library/study is all but finished.

Not quite Dark Academia but with echoes of it.

The picture below is taken from the doorway and shows only half of the room – as can be seen in the mirror on the solid marble fireplace mantel.

Note to Self : Eeek. I have a mirror reflecting a mirror. Extra bad juu-juu. Must fix asap.

The oil painting at the top right is by a village artist. Her version of Día de los Muertos. I adore it.

The two strange lamps either side of the Victorian Cast Iron wood burner are the actual Victorian Gaslights that used to be outside a pub in town. They have VR (Victoria Regina) on them and have been converted to electricity.

The picture above the mirror is a very old print of Giotto’s Angel.

And hiding at the bottom left is a tiny view of an antique Monk’s Table from an unknown English abbey – which holds a secret, the mechanism of which is only known to me here.

Is it a big round table or is it a high-backed chair?

I guess it’s the books that give it a Dark Academia Vibe :o)