Above is a picture of a very small section of my books.

Mmmn. Sex & Death much? Put that together with the many fiction Gothic Horrors, non-fiction Vampires, Witches, Demons and Monsters books, the candelabra, the Persian rugs, the low lights, the incense sticks etc and I have the perfect Dark Academia Library.

Exsqueeze me but…one does NOT do an aesthetic, one lives and breathes it.

Dark Academia is (apparently) a recent aesthetic done by zoomers online.

What is a zoomer?

The image below is from Mystery Woman. It’s the bookshop she owns. Dark Academia vibe way back in 2003.

BTW: I even have a very heavy bust of “Shakespeare” and a full sized stuffed crow to add to the room.

Linking posts is what I do best. MK-Ultra and Mystery Woman and Highlander Empaths. What is the connection?

Y’all’ll have to watch the show below :o)