Ambling down memory lane here with Samantha, Cassie and Philby.

Oh, I loved this series.

It’s Trash TV but when I bought my shop I wanted the same as this one. Tons of books on Mystery/History with that glorious Gothic vibe of dark wood furniture and low lights and Victorian style chairs and sofas. I even had original open fireplaces in three of the rooms.


But our tiny Market Town already had four secondhand book shops and several Antique/Junk shops full of books.

We are going back almost 20 years here and, as Himself pointed out today, no-one now is interested in physical books. Or gathering for book clubs. Or paying more than a £. Or doing any dang thing that’s not online or involves a scammer or suchlike.

Sad but true :o(

I’ll just Gothic-isise my room here and talk to myself about books :o)

P.S. Philby…that’s so funny. We never get to know Exactly what this Philby did for a living but he’s got a ton of “spook” skills!