I had to watch the video below to remind me where I live.

Bloody Hell.

This huge, but not very well known, county is becoming more like a United States city by the day. Murder Most Foul happened at around 3pm this morning and the whole house was woken by the Emergency Response Mobile Chime. Wtf?

We are a sweet place, steeped in history and folklore and farms and fields and tiny villages and slightly bigger market towns.

People walk the lanes with their dogs, or ride their horses round abouts or there are random kids doing bike rides as they explore the glorious countryside.

N.I.M.B.Y was once a na cro nym for Not In My Back Yard.

It’s Easter Week. The schools are out and kids are being taken to the local funfair for FUN and Family and Thrills galore.

Well, they were. This children’s funfair is now closed down and evacuated because a Murderer has sought sanctuary there and is playing hide and seek with the local police.

Again. Wtf?