I’m such a huge fan of olde worlde black and white films.

I have quite a collection now but this one slipped my notice. The Man Who Laughs.

It comes from a novel by Victor Hugo, published in the 1860’s or thereabouts.

Side Note : My Traveller-in Crime and I spent a wonderful

summer afternoon at Hugo’s house in the Place Royale, Paris.

That’s the old name for it, used when Marie de Rohan,

Marion de l’Orme and

Cardinal Richelieu lived there in the 17th century.

LOL. Jokers to the left of me, jokers to the right of me.

Oh. And another link – I wrote a scene about the mutilation of children in the Cours des Miracles in Paris. It’s alleged that the poor and starving would wilfully damage a child and then send him/her onto the streets to beg for money.