The stupid things you do as a teenager!

I found myself in Derby staying in BFF’s late Mother’s house for a few days.

Friday night we go to Uncle Pete’s place to get ready to watch a band live. Uncle Pete was the spit-image of Mick Fleetwood. Tall and hairy. And he hated my violently purple, sparkly eyeshadow!

Hey – it brought out the green in my hazel eyes and made me feel good. Puhshaw, men.

The band was The Tourists. But not THE Tourists with Annie and Dave. So disappointed :o(

Saturday night was BFF’s birthday. A fancy dress, open door house and my biggest memory is of Marilyn (late mother like no other) sitting all night on a beanbag in the corner of the room smoking spliffs with a Rasta. A year later she gave birth to a step-sister called Lucea who is stunningly beautiful.

I was the gypsy who snogged a pirate. Very nice.

And she made us plantain bread for breakfast to cure our hangovers :o)

MY parents would have gone mentals!!!!!

Que Sera, Sera.