I’m old enough to’ve lived through PUNK.

JeebsLoueebs – love it :o)

I’m also a fan of Steampunk although it’s not something I do. I’m just a bystander/admirer.

One of my favourite modern authors is Mary Gentle. Her White Crow anthology is stunning. It is six stories in one book. We have fantasy/alt history/steampunk and dark history. Now – Mary Gentle is not just a writer of fiction she is also a scholar who has degrees in History. Even a Masters, I believe.

White Crow contains the likes of Kit Marlowe, Giordano Bruno, The Renaissance, Alchemy, Hermetics, Magic and Politics. Rats & Gargoyles is an althistory where rats rule the world (!!??)

The book begins with Valentine (WhiteCrow,) a soldier/scholar of The Invisible College (The Royal Society) stepping off a steam train in the 17th/18th century to meet Causabon, the Architect.

The image below is of a book I’ve had for years and bought for a pittance. Look at the price now!

It’s all about horses and NOT about Tartarian fake History that had trains in the 12th century.

P.S. My ancestor, Admiral Sir Samuel Greig, was a member of The Invisible College aka The Royal Society. Who’d’ve thunk ?

No More Heroes ‘cos y’all’ve been STEAMPUNKED by BS.

In my opinion!

Whatever happened to……..?