This is the only perfume I wear.

And have done so for decades.

Chanel No.5 smells like toilet water on me. Bad chemistry there.

Years ago, myself and two mates went down to the village pub to take part in the pub quiz. The landlady was also a friend and she walked behind the 3 of us and asked – Who’s wearing Mademoiselle?

All 3 of us put our hands up :o)

This morning, I’m doing the shop in Tesco. In a grump. And the Oberleutnant of the self-service tills shouted out – What is that amazing perfume?

She even smelled us all.

Not me, said I. It’s the lady there.

OMG. This lady was elderly but perfectly dressed and she admitted to wearing Chanel.

No. 5? asked the said Oberleutnant.

No, the lady said. I can’t remember the name,

So I piped up with : It’s Coco Mademoiselle. And you smell lovely, love.

We made her day. How wonderful is that ?