The library/study is under renovation right now.

The picture above is about one eighth of the books in the room.

Look at the door on the far left of the image…

The tallest of us is 6ft 6inches high and he can go through the doors without bending. Above the door is the picture rail. Very Victorian. And above the picture rail is another 2 feet of wall before the ceiling.

This is just one corner of floor to ceiling bookcases full of book. Times it by 8 and there are many, many, many books.

All the above are non-fiction and history and have been read by me. And, quelle horreur, not a single one of them says anything about Tartarian antiquitech or mud flood or orange being evil or the signal divers use to say OK being actually, factually 666 number of the beast or dinwows or windoors or orphan trains or whatever the next BS narrative is.

I also have a book called LIST OF FORBIDDEN BOOKS.

Bloody hell and holy fuck.

Has every single author or publisher been “got” by the “elite” “controllers” and made sure that every single book (my eldest book is 17th century) since time began is a full of FAKE?

Wow. That’s more work than any modern man would ever be willing to do!

We Are The Choices We Make.

My late Mum’s favourite colour was orange. Her step-dad, Granddad George, even breed a chrysanthemum of the most glorious burnt orange and gold colour. Were they both #evil?

Wait a minute man
You mispronounced my name
You didn’t wait for all the information
Before you turned me away
Wait a minute sir
You kind of hurt my feelings
You see me as a sweet back-loaded puppet
And you’ve got a meal ticket taste

You See Me as a Sweet Back-Loaded Puppet – OMG. I LOVE that sentence :o)