This is one of those songs for every generation of parents/elders & betters to sing.

Joel wrote it because he was told by a 21 year old that his (Joel’s) generation had “never had it so good.”

This was the 50’s and the song starts with Harry Truman, goes into Cold War, Nukes, Vietnam, Civil Rights and all that jazz!

Someone should rewrite the words and apply them to the last decade. Or any decade.

Oh. Poop. 70’s and 80’s…Punk Rock, Glam Rock, Mobile Phones as big as a car, Heat Waves, Benidorm, New Romantics, Disco, Maggie Thatcher, Club 18/30 holidays, Ted Heath, Reagan, Gorbachev, Band Aid, Lady Di, Poofy Hair, Ford Capri, Platform Shoes, CND, Bent Coppers, National Strikes etc etc.

See what I mean?