There is so much in the words of William Blake’s poem.

This song is the anthem of The Women’s Institute in the UK.

It is sung at England’s Rugby matches.

It is sung at the Last Night of The Proms in the Royal Albert Hall.

Parry set it to music.

There is a youtuber that I follow. She was organising a trip to Jerusalem to find spiritual answers from the Advanced Master called Jesus.

I so badly wanted to tell her about Al-Quds. But she’s American. And would hate me forever for tarnishing her belief in history as told.

Jerusalem and Jesus are a FAKE AS EFF combination.

1948. Israel born. FACT.

Whilst I will never agree with All History Is A Lie – I absolutely believe that All History of Religion is a LIE.

Two quotes to look up and learn.

Religion is the opiate of the masses

This MYTH of Jesus has served us well