This song is incredibly special in my life. It brings back a time, a mood, great company, laughter and loving vibes.

That’s still here today, listening but another layer has been added. A layer forged by years of online abuse from a community that calls itself TRUTH.

Tartaria. Dear God. So much damage done in so short a time. Hence my retirement from all and anything to do with that part of life.

I was fortunate enough to work with a couple of the Fomenko/New Chronology Team. They helped and guided me through my own work. They gave me the room to search/research alone and grow within my own discoveries without a single hint of negativity or malice.

The reason why Fomenko is so despised and dismissed as fake is because the very core of this work stands on a chronology that places the man now known as Jesus Christ in 12th century Constantinople. The family origins were in Egypt and their descendants were exiled north, as far up as Russia.

A woman gives birth to children. One boy grows up and is beheaded. One boy grows up and is crucified. Their sister is a mystery. The children of this generation are either murdered too or exiled. Two boys go to Georgia and then Trebizond, one girl goes to the South of France. There is no hint of religion in the story. What we now know as Muslim or Sikh or Jew were all one and the same. They all “worshipped” the one Creator. That which is bigger and wiser than we mortals.

This IS the foundation of Hidden History from which everything else springs forth.

Take apart the video below and you’ll see “the milk of human kindness” being thrown on the floor. Fallen angels. Bollywood. The shadow of an astrolabe. A pair of wings with a Book/BIBLE inside. A man with very long eyelashes. Something on the wall hidden by fabric. A Flat Horizon. Workmen (Proletariats!!). A boy with an arrow in his side – like Christ. The Red Flag (!!!) Ye Olde Ladder Lean (m’eh.) A scene from Caravaggio. Da Vinci. A sort of Caduceus in iron.

And more that I’ll’ve missed.