OK. Listing a list that he listed.

10 Yup. Suddenly everyone was either Scottish or Scandinavian or Scot/Scandi. Or a Cathar expert or from a family with famous ancestors or a Thin Lizzy fan or….! In the early years, my in-laws would close a door on me to keep me out of their conversations. I brought this up years later and got an apology. From one of them.

9 Years ago, in a live chat I was not backward at coming forward with the word BARF every time a certain fave/No. 1 fan commented. I was asked by the channel owner – What’s wrong, Greta? Stupid question. I replied that I was barfing at the total fake feckery. LOL. Still banned to this day. It was a revelation to discover that this gift worked even on a computer :o)

8 Nah. Age has taught me that some people refuse to be helped and it’s a waste of energy to even try. FACT!

7 OMyGiddyAunt. One day I arrived back at home from a trip to town crying hysterically. Panic! What happened? Are you OK? I blubbed out that I’d just run over a baby rabbit in the car. As for pets. Don’t. Just don’t ask

6 My first grey hairs appeared when I was 17 years old. Yup. I stress about EVERYTHING.

5 Yes. But have since learned to not even go there uninvited.

4 Mmmn. Saying nothing here. My life has been filled with wonderful, good people. For that I’m grateful.

3 Laugh out loud. Rage, Laughter, Sadness, Fear, Wonder, Delight, Awe, Spite, Envy, ZEN can all happen in a heartbeat. Visualisation helps. Feet firmly rooted on the ground. All chakras aligned right up to and out of the crown chakra to the above.

2 Confesh time. Yesterday I downloaded Kenneth Branagh reading Murder on the Orient Express and dreamed about this not-so-secret pash I have for him. But it wasn’t a good dream. It was a nightmare that ended up with me in a small concrete room murmuring lines from Henry V and Hamlet. Once more unto the breach, poor Yorick with your slings and arrows of outrageous Trains, Planes and Dr. Frankenstein with his band of brothers. Cry God for England and Wallender. The Game’s Afoot!

Oh. And when Princess Diana died I dreamed of her coffin under a tree. Long before the “Royal” family even acknowledged her death.

1 Look. I’m enough of a weirdo. Let’s not go here. Kirlian Photography? Must be the Russian in me :o)