Bright ideas are me!

The dang paint is marketed as a deep cream but it’s YELLOW as a banana skin. Violently, vibrant yellow. WTF have I done?

This is so not a colour ever used in my clothing or interior decor but the room is freezing in winter,,,even with a wood burner.

Ding. Bright idea. Let’s brighten/warm the colour up.

LOL! Loving it now, even though just one corner has been done.

This is a common or garden Victorian house built in 1839. The Chinese painted screen is 6ft tall so y’all can see just how high our ceilings are.

Yes. 3 out of 4 of us are over 6ft tall. Not exactly giants!!

P.S. I’m broken and wobbly. Heights ? Nope. No like. Get giddy above a doorstep in my old age :o)