Oh. I have 2 views today. Of the same post from 2022.

A true story about me and my Dad.


I Can Forgive a Thief but NEVER a Liar

Dad was a “difficult” person. My youngest brother read the eulogy at our Dad’s funeral (not some know-nothing clergy Church/Crematorium-Aid) and even said this exact same thing. Our Dad was a difficult man.

We don’t shape REALITY to pander to convention. Truth is Truth. Fact is Fact. He was dead and we KNEW HIM TOO WELL TO LIE.

Yes, he’d be there to help whomever needed his help. His kindnessess were beyond kind, but he had an uncontrollable dark side that he’d unleash on us.


This was the video posted in my long-forgotten post.

Shit. See last post about brutal honesty.