Supish or what?

If you don’t know your mythology or The Hero’s Journey then y’all’ll fall and/or follow the Road to THE Portal and meet Cerberus in Real Life.

This a bit mixed up but it makes sense to MY BRAIN.

So many see portals everywhere. Stargate. Ouija. Firmament. Straits of Gibraltar. iPhone. Mirror (why can’t Americans pronounce the double mm properly?) TV, Music, Film, Books, Pictures, Hadron Collider, Art, Sculpture, Buildings, Tunnels, Arches, Witches (!) etc etc.

Don’t you see the Real Portal to HELL?

I’m using it now. THE INTER NET

No-one will read me but it’s here. Written, And wordpress never deletes a site…or so they say.

FEB called Lincoln Cathedral EVIL. He visited this 1,000 year old holy place and “felt” pure evil emanating from it. He even went out, all spliffed up, to “heal” Ley Lines. Who the fuck is he – GOD?

Guess where the “experts” have found the REAL, NO WORD OF A LIE, ABSOLUTE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN Gate/Portal to Hell?

Watch and learn (?!)

This is OLD NEWS. It’ll’ve been found somewhere else by now. In Skegness or Ingoldmells or DisneyWorld, methinks.

No. I retract all of that. It was found in space. On the moon. Because going “where no man has gone before” makes them little gods.

BTW – Neil Armstrong said that they couldn’t see the stars from the moon. Blow me down with a feather waft!

P.S. If you don’t understand the Qegs tag. That was my alma mater. Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School – that’s Betty I Tudor. 16th century. I spent 3 months in the Lower 6th Form before I bolted from school and home. We used to have an ongoing Battle of the Bands. Bob Dylan (yuk) vs Chris de Burgh was my battle.


The Holy Ghost/Spirit/Father of Christ was a spaceman ?