Many years ago my room-mate, in Berlin, bought tickets to see Manilow live.

I was about the 4th or 15th person she asked to go with her and, much to my surprise, I said OK.

I’m not and never have been a Barry fan but we were entering enemy territory (The American Sector, Berlin) and it was a night out.

OMG. He’s such a showman. The concert was brilliant.

Still not a fan but it’s a great memory :o)

One Voice!

Maybe there is change in the air. What was once despised and not worth fighting for is now being given a half chance.

Yes. I can be brutally honest. I’ll call it. Within days of going public on a yt live chat, the kick back happened. Why?

Because I called out the fake and phoney love-bombers who’d do and say anything to take over the live chat and become the No.1 fan. I called out the V who openly bragged about bringing her “posse” in to troll live chat.

She got a mod wrench and I got banned from The Trinity. FEB, UAP, Jon Levi.

One voice. Just me screaming in the wind about narcs and trolls and scammers and online abuse and PURE EVIL.

I entered their arena and pulled not a single punch. Played their game but with the intent to warn the innocent, deluded, unaware, sleepy bastards.

So many of my late 2018, early 2019 posts here were taken and used by others to gain subs and income. At MY expense. Books have been published and 100’s of 1,000’s have been duped and lied to.

One voice. Now silenced.

Why? That’s all I need to know. Why did my support and encouragement and heartfelt warnings turn into a cat of 90,000 tails?

Heyho. If you want to be loved and followed – don’t Whistle Blow.

If you want to be true and transparent………..DO IT & Damn them all :o)