We’re such a couple of crocks.

His knee, my neck. Excruciating pain. Enter Deep Heat Cream and a very interesting discovery.

Google can tell as many peeps as it likes that Deep Heat is poisonous to cats but that’s not exactly true.

It’s like a drug to them. They can’t stay away.

There is nothing more unsettling than having a cat cemented to your shoulder as she licks your neck in complete ecstasy. Unless it’s finding your neck scarf under the kitchen table with a drooling cat rolling about in it.

I used to grow lots of cat mint in the garden but we had 4 cats at the time and they’d eat the entire plants. Just to spite me! Cats are just druggie tarts.


Bizarre but true.

P.S. You’ve got to love getting older. We now massage each other with Deep Heat and then hobble away in separate directions before Maud catches one of us. Laugh out Loud.