It takes so little time to find out that (as my book Greeks & Romans :Their Life & Customs says) a fasces (or Latin – fascis) is actually a bundle of faggots made from vines or brush that are gathered and tied together.

Faggot Sellers were common on the streets for centuries. Today we call it KINDLING.

The original Roman Fasces was a stick used to beat ne’er-do-wells. It became a bundle of sticks. then a bundle of sticks with an axe inside to show the power of the man who carried it. The power? That he could literally execute anyone who pissed him off. Either by burning at the stake or by beheading.

FASCES are a centuries old SYMBOL of power. Not the actual power. Faggots have never shot out thunder and lightning at the flick of a Baghdad battery or a Godly Thunderbolt.

Mmmn. This is what I hear when these soi-distant historians move their mouths around and make noises.

The Resurrection of The Iron Chicken after The Soup Dragon Ripped it to Pieces.

P.S. My traveller-in-crime bought me a toy Clanger years ago for my birthday. You press his belly and he toots/flutes.

She’s such a funny friend :o)