The image above just shows a small part of one of my many shelves.

You’ll see Lewis Hyde’s book there and a few more “strange” books. My reading is eclectic and extremely wide-ranging.

Trickster Makes This World brings to life the playful and disruptive side of the human imagination as it is embodied in the trickster mythology. Most at home on the road or at the twilight edge of town, tricksters are consummate boundary-crossers, slipping through keyholes, breaching walls subverting defence systems. Always out to satisfy their inordinate appetites, lying, cheating and stealing, trickster are a great bother to have around but paradoxically they are also indispensable heroes. In this fascinating book, Lewis Hyde explores the old myths that state that the trickster made the world as it actually is. He argues that our world, with its complexity and ambiguity, its beauty and its dirt, was trickster’s creation, and the work is not yet finished.

SEE? This is the dichotomy of life aka Free Will.

The “trickster” is everywhere. We choose to follow or ignore.

You can get all Biblical and Orthodox and spout all the exegesis you want – Nephilim, Satan, Lucifer, Jezebel, Delilah etc.

Or mythological with Loki or Satyrs or Bacchus etc


We ARE both the saint and the trickster and can switch at will. We ARE shape-shifters. We ARE all and everything that has ever been created, thought of, conceived, denied, flaunted, honoured, reviled, deified, rejected….and lots more words.

JUNG understood. We are both light and shadow. A candle or a lighthouse. A passing cloud or a black (k)night.

FFS. Wake Up.