So much of these recent unread but still written posts of mine have been flavoured by my real life experiences in Berlin and Historical Research.

Jesse Owens and 1936? Almost being dead twice in a Berlin winter? Potsdam Bridge?

Someone opened a post the other day that I’d written forever ago about the Spear of Destiny or Lance of Longinus. THIS was promoted by the Nazis. They searched long and hard for it….allegedly.

I’ve also dissed the Atlantis crap a few times.

WHEN will people be able to separate FACT from FICTION or Reality from MindControlled B.S. in B.S. out? All this jabber about “critical thinking” but very little evidence of it being applied by these Soi-disant “critical thinkers.”

Even yesterday The Legend that is Louis was written about. His trials and tribulations with Neo-Nazis, Hijackers, Murderers, Retards.

Five minutes research on 20 yt videos does NOT constitute HISTORICAL RESEARCH.

This kind of work (that I’ve spent most of my life doing) takes books and books and papers and papers and cross-references and citations and ONE HELL OF A LOT OF TIME TO SIFT, CONNECT, THINK, REPEAT ALL THAT SEVERAL TIMES & ONLY THEN PUBLISH.

Anyhoo. Deep breath and let someone else speak, Jackie.