You Can’t Make This Up is such a cliché but in this place it’s true.

I Could Never Make This Up. It’s all true :o)

Picture this : 20 year old girl finds herself in Potsdam on a bridge with orders to drop off someone and pick up someone. OK. We did that. No idea why but it went smoothly.

Check out the history of  Glienicke Bridge.

Fast forward four years and Himself is taking his Sergeant’s Exam and needs to write a full paper on something war or death or military or para-military so I go to the local library and take out the book in the image above.  Which I still have and came across yesterday, clearing out my library/study.

Bum. My late return fees will be huge by now. Don’t tell anyone, please?

He chose to write about Baader-Meinhof and then got me to write the entire thing.

Did you know – the gang would use pregnant women in their campaign of terror? Well. Women who looked pregnant. The big lump on their bellies was not a new life but a concealed bomb.

P.S. He got his promotion :o)