Oh, crap. It’s snowing here.

Hells Bells and buckets of pouts. I HATE driving in the snow.

We Brits are brilliant at moaning about the weather. Too Hot. Too Cold. Too Windy. Too Foggy. We get so affronted by “weather.”

Today I’m affronted by snow. Bad memories of snow vs vehicle, both of which happened in Berlin one winter, long, long ago.

Doing a blue light run and turning 180 into oncoming traffic. And doing traffic control at a road accident when a crazy driver sees li’l ol’ me slightly too late as I’m doing all those Traffic Police signals in the middle of the road. Jeebs – he stopped about an inch away from me. Shudder.

I’ve never been taught how to drive in the ice and snow properly. It’s an art that the Scandinavians have mastered.

I’m a hundred thousand times worse than these three :o)

Bloody Women Drivers!