Yesterday was a full on de-tox day (more to be de-ed & tox-ed.)

I’ve gone from following about 12 yt channels to 3 and 1 on UATV.

A weight has been lifted.

Well. Sort of. Today I’ve had an official letter from the council about our boundary hedge. Bless ’em. They’ve even sent me pictures of my hedge!

Apparently, that damn hedge is obstructing the walking of walkers and the wheeling of wheelchairs – of which I’ve seen zero in the past 15 years. Wheelchairs passing the hedge, that is.

This shrub is at least 8 feet high and has outgrowths growing out about 7 feet high. With a few tendrils of ivy lurching to entangle all passers-by.

FFS. I’m done with retards and jobsworths and entitled, witless, know-nothing-know-it-alls.

If I ask for G F Y to be chiselled in my tombstone, will that bedazzle and intrigue future generations who will spend decades trying to decode it ?