We used to have a radio clock beside the the bed which we’d set the alarm on.

Most times, in Gibraltar, we didn’t need it. The kids were 2 years old and 7 months old and the best alarm clocks in the world,

Anyway. He must’ve got up early to see to them because the radio alarm clock went off on the 24th of November 1991 (my birthday) with news of the death of Freddie Mercury.

Long time fan. Lover of his voice and songs.

In 1992 the Barcelona Olympics opened with Freddie and Montserrat. We were still in Gibraltar, a hop and skip and checkpoint away from Spain. Which I’d regularly smuggled pistachio nuts and tapas ingredients across without declaring. Ooops.

Freddie was meant to be there. In Barcelona – LIVE.


That voice. God Given.

P.S. Spanish pistachio nuts came by the kilo for a few pesetas and were very salty and addictive. A bit like me :o)