I learned to knit aged 6 at Inverbrothock School, Arbroath, Scotland.

The whole class was taught how to knit.

The best olde worlde knitters were the men. Mainly fishermen. They knit/knot a fishing net which is not much different from knitting a garment.

C3R, k1,p3,k10,p5,k1,p1,C3L, bbst x 10, p10tbl, ss1, k3,psso etc

Reading a knitting pattern is like Morse Code. … — …

You HAVE to decode to get a physical result.

Knitting an Aran jumper is Morse Code times 20,000.

I knit/crochet to save my mental health. When life is too much, the act of counting and concentrating to create something worthy ALWAYS helps.

Knitting/crochet also gives us extra value/choices. Colours. Yarns. Sizes. On piste or off piste.

I’m at a stage where I can substitute needle/hook sizes, recommended yarns and colours and stitch counts. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. Shrug.

PATTERN RECOGNITION is a skill that has to be learned and practised and honoured.

Garter stitch is simple. Every row is a knit row.

Stocking stick – one row knit, one row purl.

Y’all tried lace knitting? Dropping stitches deliberately? Making big holes in the work? Securing connections so that the whole dang thing doesn’t unravel?


Is the above a metaphor or an allegory or just BS?

Makes sense to me :o)