Mmmn. A third would be Rumi but keeping it simple.

I can go back to Shakespeare and Jung any time and find something to hold on to in the madness of life. A truth. An insight. A ROCK of sanity.

Jung astounds me with his simplicity.

The greatest tragedy of a family is the unlived lives of the parents

OMG. My parents had, separately and together, very well-lived lives. So did my husband’s parents.

But there was a huge difference.

My parents NEVER bullied me or my brothers into fulfilling their lost, unlived dreams. We were given a free passage into adulthood.

His parents – less said, soonest mended.

He tried his parents bs on our kids. I just did mine. When we were going through eldest son’s University choices he told me that he didn’t want to go to Uni. I heard and stopped pushing. To this day my sons (both) get shit from them surviving grandparents about not getting a degree.



My boys’ parents have had incredibly full and fully lived lives. We even brought them along on some of the adventures.

We still live an unusual life. A Victorian Rectory by a cemetery and Church in the middle of nowhere where we freeze half to death in the winter and take more joy from the wildlife and plants in the garden than from people.

And few know our name.

It’s been a long, hard journey but worth every single struggle.