Strange conversation this morning about Friar Tuck.

We have lived in Bulford, Wiltshire twice. First home as a married couple in 1984. Went back with 2 kids in 1998.

Our nearest town was Amesbury. I used to work there at The George Hotel as a receptionist/dogbody before having kids.

A staple of the town was (and to our surprise, still is) a place called Friar Tuck.

Himself talked to someone a couple of days ago who could not stop talking about a place he’d recently been with the best English Breakfast he had ever tasted.

Himself : Where?

Other One : Friar Tuck, Amesbury.

My boys remember this Cafe. As a great treat, we’d go there and indulge in a PROPER English Breakfast.

I remember it for other reasons. Turn right after the building and I’d be at the George Hotel. Turn left and I’d be on my way to Larkhill – Home of the Royal Artillery – where I worked as a temp when my boys were at school.

A small and insignificant daily thingy on my daily route to and from Larkhill was a bunch of stones called STONEHENGE.

God’s Honest Truth.

Friar Tuck vs Friar Tuck.

P.S. We are no where near VEGAN in this house. Fact!