I have almost every single Agatha Christie book downloaded on my ipad.

Some nights, especially after a fraught day, I go to just one voice to soothe me as I fall asleep. It’s a voice that blocks out all negative thoughts gathered that day.

Hugh Fraser.

He’s an actor best known as Captain Hastings in the Davide Suchet Poirot series. And his accents are always spot on. He does a brilliant Poirot. A wonderful Japp. Mrs Ariadne Oliver and her dippy madness are perfectly spoken. The haughty duchess/the lying thief/the bluff army colonel/the innocent virgin/the village idiot and the cutthroat murderer.

The past few nights have been spent in a Sittaford snow storm. A stand alone novel without Poirot or Hastings or any other familiar characters.

I paid for mine. But you can listen for free :o)

Who killed Trevelyan and what did the seance at Sittaford House have do do with it?

P.S. Table-turning or Table-tapping are much the same as Ouija boards. I started listening to this days before Scott did his ouija board videos. TrueTruth.