My novel-in-progress that is not progressing – The Ravens of Dinefwr – has a fictional character called Lleucu.

Cut&Paste : The name Lleucu is primarily a female name of Welsh origin that means Dear Light. Pronounced hlay-kee.

She is the youngest sister in my fictional family and I crafted her very carefully as the embodiment of her homeland, Wales.

She is torn from Wales and forced to travel all over Europe and into Constantinople but her heart and soul always point her towards home. She is a character that contains so much of me in her.

I love my country but have travelled from here to the USofA to Singapore to France/Italy/Germany/Spain/Dubai/Qatar/Gibraltar…Grimsby (!?)

And I could see North Africa across the Straits of Gibraltar for over 2 years too ;o)

Mashed potato with cabbage and wholegrain mustard all done. Fire lit. An hour free to catch up on stuff … as I ignore 1,000 other jobs that need doing.

Culture Shocks from England.

OMG. I went so hard against the American Tartaria Truthers because they seem to have very little sense or appreciation of truly ancient buildings. My town has “Roman” origins. I have a “Roman” well in my garden. Lincoln Cathedral is (allegedly) 1,000 years old.

What I got back was an American mod on a channel hoping that I’d be the 101 death from Covid in the U.K.

Noice. NOT! You evil, vile bitch.