I may have read too many Victorian Gothic Horror books!

We were up about an hour before dawn because he, himself, had some early jobs to go to. He leaves and then poof! All the electricity goes off.

Pitch Black.

I’ve painted and decorated just about every single inch of this house so am pretty familiar with the layout. But…

…being in the kitchen, at the back, and needing to get to the piano in the hallway by the front door to retrieve the 3-branch candelabra was surprisingly tricky.

Up a half step to get out of the kitchen and enter the lobby outside the pantry, turn right and walk forward, past the stairs, the downstairs bathroom, the study trying to avoid the grandfather clock, the sofa, the Chinese cabinet, the stand with a huge bowl of pot pourri on top, the internet router and it’s millions of wires, the bookcase, the lampstand, the rug that curls up at the corner, the big plant and the cat.

YES! Walking straight down the centre of the hallway would’ve been safest but I needed the security of something solid to guide me. Also – like a twit – I’d not taken any matches with me so going back was just as bad.

Your whole world and perspective changes in the pitch dark. Even in candlelight that leaves all the corners dark.

A lesson in appreciation. And how NOT to scare yourself stupid :o)