Psychology talks about mirrors quite a lot.

Mirror 101 : Repeating another’s physical and facial expressions to imply empathy and understanding.

Yup. We all do that.

There is another side to the Mirror Effect though.

A Darker Side.

Some people are natural mirrors. Every word and action is a reflection of the person they are talking to.

OMG. I am a PURE MIRROR. Face to face (even via the internet) I can reflect back your every everything. The Good. The Bad. The downright F’ugly.

This has given me many haters but also a wonderful life-lesson.

Even the very best of intentions towards another will either be seen (in reflection) as a beautiful gift or an insult. The resulting reaction will say EVERYTHING.

You give heartfelt advice and receive a barrage of insults….WHOA. You’ll’ve hit a very sensitive nerve there.

How did Perseus capture and kill Medusa ? By showing her her own reflection ?

This is also the motif inside Dorian Grey.

One day we will ALL encounter our reflection.

Reflection, projection – semantics. I’ve been accused of Projecting my flaws onto FEB and his merry band.

Yeh. OK.

There is only one person that I’ve ever come across who is a Bigger, Better mirror than me.

We need Owen Benjamin more than ever now. Crack on, Perseus. Keep slaying those snaky gorgons :o)