I laughed out loud at this.

Kaleb, bless his heart, is a dyed-in-the-wool country boy.

Guess what – I have a history with helicopters!

In Ulster, when working the border posts, we either went by land (got shot at) or by air.

Sometimes the Royal Air Force Helicopter was our taxi service. Yay. Smooth journey.

Sometimes the Army Air Corps. OMG. What a shower of bastards!!!!

The AAC would swoop and fall and bank and give us about 2.3 seconds to disembark before they took off again. Not easy for a girl in a tight skirt who is trying to keep her dignity and her undergarments unseen.

Himself had a Russian helicopter pilot in Iraq who was 1,000 times worse than the AAC. He’s even admitted to wetting himself on one madcap flight. Poor Russian was eventually shot down by insurgents :o(

So Kaleb has his air virginity taken from him.

Gotta love this new generation :o)