There is such a thing as a tactical retreat.

My name – Greig – is now known as a SEPT of Clan Gregor.

After the proscription and bounty laid on our heads, some of the family dissolved into the Mist and reemerged as a “sept.”

When even unborn children are threatened, a big decision has to be made.

My part of the clan moved out of the Highlands, east, to the Royal Kingdom of Fife. We thrived and survived. Jeebus, my paternal granddad, Sam, was one of 11 children. Most confusing at family gatherings!.

BTW : the women were as feisty and war-like as the men. Historical fact!

“While there’s leaves in the forest
And foam on the river,
MacGregor, despite them,
Shall flourish forever!”

Sadly : James, Dad’s brother never had children. My brothers never had a son to carry on our name. My sons never knew my parents ERGO I’m the last to carry the Crann Tara for my immediate bloodline. And I’m a girl :o)