I did my RMP training in Chichester. 6 months at Roussillon Barracks.

I went back there a few years later to live with my husband who was the recruits PTI aka Harry the Bastard.

It wasn’t until quite a while later that this sharp-as-cotton-wool brain of mine connected Roussillon with Roussillon.

Roussillon, France is deep in Cathar country. The Languedoc.

See previous postS. A few of them!!

Whilst living there as wife of Harry the Bastard, we had a huge Corporals Mess Bash one summers evening. Now – I have this habit of taking off my shoes (especially when I used to wear high heels) and pushing them under the table. This one night a mate of ours found a shoe of mine, tipped wine into it and drank every drop as the song below was playing. His wife thought it was hilarious.

Later, I squished my way home in a tiddly kind of way with a very disgusted Harry :o)